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PT. Vinaastee Intenational

Current Location : Jawa Barat
Total Experience in hiring: 6 Years
PT. Vinaastee Intenationa...
Vinaastee's Turnover took off. Our Business spread over Europent continent, Asia Pacific, United States of America. We have good rapport and campaign with Big power Brands from italy and the U.S. Credits Founders' forward vision, Huge investment wer
An Idea conceived in the late 2005. A Vision Set in crafting Quality and Durable Couture Leather bags. Uphold commitment to customer and helping them to realize their ideas & design.
First Factory Set up with a odd of 100 manpower that subsequent expand to 300. Vinaastee as a young but vibrant Entrant to the market with big players was not easy. Advantages in Knowledge and expertise with leather crafts gained us positive testimon